Catherine Savoie – Director
Catherine has a BAA in Child Youth Studies with a double major in Special Needs and Administration from Mount Saint Vincents and a Bachelor of Education specialising in Elementary Education from Acadia Universtiy. Catherine has been working in this field since 1994 with most of her experience being with school age and preschool children. Catherine is married and has three children. Catherine has been the Director of Kingswood Kids since 2008.

Angela Tait
Angela received her E.C.E from St. Joseph’s College and graduated in 1998. Angela enjoys working with children. Angela has been a part of Kingswood Kids since 2006.

Maxine Clayton
Maxine has lived in Hammonds Plains all of her life. Maxine has completed Orientation for Staff Working in Licensed Childcare Facilities in 2012. She works in the preschool and the before and after school programs as one of the teachers. Maxine has been in the childcare profession for 30 years and has a great love for children. Maxine has been a part of Kingswood Kids since 2005.

Grace Chunxiao Lin
Grace is a Level 3 Early Childhood Educator certified by Department of Education & ECD, Nova Scotia. Her full name is Chunxiao Lin. She got her bachelor degree in China and graduated with Honours from Humber College in Toronto, Ontario. Her career as a Early Childhood Educator started as a substitute teacher and a summer camp teacher in Ontario, where she has been exposed to various types of teaching philosophies and approaches. Grace moved to Halifax in 2016 and now calls Kingswood her home. She would like to apply all her knowledge to work for children’s best interest. The best rewards she is seeking in the work is to develop with children to reach everyone’s full potential.